Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grupo Ashe Returns!...

Pedrito and Friends returned to Nectar last night! They had the crowd shak'in it till they turned the lights 'ON'! ;) For me, the best G.A. show to-date. My 'despelote hangover' is on today, but I'm still smiling! Thanks to everyone who made this show off-the-chain! Also, thanks to Eglis and Ruth for adding Cuban sabor with their dancing on stage.

The best decision Pedrito made since deciding to form the group, was to invite this woman named Mikaela Romero to sing a few songs with them. Did she drop from the heavens?? When I first heard her voice at their RockSalt show, i couldn't believe my ears, my jaw dropped - She sounded just like Yeni of Los Van Van!! Thanks Mikaela for bringing your wonderful vocals, in the midst of machismo. It's great to hear. I'll be Groupie #1.
Check out these small, average quality, videos & photos from the show! (they don't do them justice..) You can click on the photos to make them larger.

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